Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Board of Trade

Tradincom arose from the union of the dedication in generations of agribusiness work with a scarce market demand for quality agricultural commodities. The company, which has been operating in Curitiba, Brazil, since 2011, is specialized and has the main objective of intervening in the purchase and sale of commodities in both domestic and foreign markets.

Always seeking the best service and satisfaction of our clients, we work with the fundamental pillars of seriousness, effectiveness and competence in order to solve any doubts that permeate the third sector.

In addition to operating as a brokerage firm, Tradincom also conducts agricultural business consulting and mediates agricultural commodities that have or do not have quotations on the Chicago Stock Exchange. The differential for our clients is that the company works connected to the main stock exchanges of the world, offering aid and execution in the main indices.

Always attentive to the innovations of the market, Tradincom seeks to retain partners in the sector and, therefore, has a multidisciplinary team, with extensive market knowledge (Business Knowledge) and close relationship with transactions and agricultural consulting.

With more than 5 years of excellence in the agricultural commodities market, Tradincom is part of an excellent work of dedication and seriousness throughout the days. With large and medium-sized portfolios of high level of reliability and security, we offer brokerage services for grain, soy derivatives (oils and bran), energy, among others. We work every business with total focus the results sought are achieved.

We offer the best business opportunities.


In 2012, Tradincom started a partnership with HighGround Trading, one of the best companies providing commercial risk coverage with accredited outsourced research, consultants, execution tools and risk management.