With the objective of intervening in the purchase and sale of agricultural commodities both in the domestic and foreign markets, Tradincom is careful to work in several areas of the agricultural sector and covers a complete service network. The products below can be traded or sold according to the need of each customer.

Physical Market

We intermediate physical negotiations of the following products:

  • Soybeans
  • Corn
  • Soybeans Oil (refined and degummed)
  • Soybeans Meal (46%, 48% e 62% of protein)
  • Bovine tallow
  • Soybeans glycerin
  • Soybeans dregs
  • Soybeans hulls

All products can be originated GMO or non-GMO.

Future Markets

The partnership between Tradicom and the broker HighGround Trading Group Inc enable Tradincom to offer a high variety of financial products for future markets to your partners and clients.

  • Future Market (soybeans, soybean meal, soybeans oil, corn and wheat)
  • Market Options
  • American Options
  • European Options
  • Asian Options
  • Daily options
  • Limited Options (knock-out e knock-in)
  • Structured operations

In addition to the operations already specified, Tradincom offers volatility studies of options traded on the PITS and on CBOT electronic trading, thus allowing arbitrage operations and determination of ideal points of entry and exit in the respective markets.